Tuesday, 29 July 2014

If you're Looking for a Reason to Start a New Show

Man this show is the absolute best. I'm willing to say of all time. I don't know how Jon Cassar and Joel Surnow do it but the vibe of this show is so unique. It has many elements that would usually be repulsing but they're added so tastefully that you can't stop watching.

Catch it on Netflix or http://www.couchtuner.eu/watch-24-online/

And just in case you need that small sample, here's a major spoiler lol

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

9 Types of Roomates you may have in University

1. The Ghost

You saw him/her the first time you moved in, but you haven't seen much of them since. They're always out of the room and busy, so you're basically living alone. When you do get to see them, it's never for more than a few minutes at a time. Sometimes you wonder if they're still alive. But they're probably just MIA.

2. The Bro

They're always in the gym, and they're always asking you why you aren't. Every single pound of that freshman 15 they gained was muscle and they'll be sure to let you know about it. Everything smells like Axe Body Spray, but you'll always have someone to work out with.

3. The Lightweight AKA The Born Again

They never got to spread their wings in high school so everything is their first time. They'll have lots of stories to tell in the morning and sometimes they'll even be true. By the end of the first semester, they'll probably be partying harder than you. But you'd never let that happen.

4. The Borrower aka The Mooch

The Mooch thinks that everything in the room can be shared. They're constantly eating your food, borrowing your clothes, or taking your school supplies. If they need something you have, they aren't afraid to take it without asking. Especially alcohol.

5. The Party Pooper

When not in the library, the party pooper is in your room, pooping on your party. No your friends can't stay over for the night. The party pooper often doubles as the neat freak. How did the Dons find out about that party? The party pooper memorized their hotline.
6. The Slob

Cons: Living in an episode of Hoarders
Pros: Nobody can tell you to clean up after yourself

7. The Musician

They're gonna be big one day they swear! You may have the up and coming DJ blasting beats late into the night, or the wannabe rapper remixing his favorite Lil Wayne song. Either way, YOU WILL miss out on sleep. Or you may get lucky with the relaxing guitar player. Until you get tired of hearing only the first verse of every song.
8. The "Room" Guy/Girl 

Are they even home? They could be studying. They could be playing World of Warcraft. They're probably on Netflix. But you'll never know. At least you always know where to find them.

9. The Serious Relationship

You'll basically have two roommates in this situation. They’re constantly doing couple-y things you don’t want going on in your presence (but will happen regardless). Rule of thumb: knock first.

Comes In Handy

$300 or less. Episode 1


Monday, 21 July 2014

I relate to people 

who go for what they want 

with no fear